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All you need is the Internet—and a desire to learn!

Seven Seas Cruising Association can help you learn the skills and acquire the knowledge that you need to be a successful cruiser. At Seven Seas U you can take courses online - no matter where you live. All you need is the Internet!

With today's cutting edge technology, our instructors offer courses on the web that include presentations, video, sound and other multi-media and allow participants to actively engage with the instructor. Those that prefer to learn at their own pace can try our Anytime Learning modules that can be downloaded to a tablet device for offline viewing at your convenience - and you can still interact with the instructor via email.

Courses are available on essential topics such as marine weather, communications, safety at sea, navigation, boat systems and maintenance. And cruisers from across the globe bring you insights into the cruising lifestyle and exotic cruising destinations.

Seven Seas U uses the Webex platform for our live webinars. You must install the Cisco Webex plugin to watch a live webinar.  For a mobile device, install the Cisco Webex Meeting app from the App Store. Visit the CISCO Webex Test Meeting website to setup your computer or mobile device prior to attending a live webinar.

Seven Seas U is open to both SSCA members and non-members; however, SSCA Members receive a discount on every Seven Seas U course! Click on any of the green the member discount icons to get the current member discount code.


CLS116: Getting the Most Out of Your SSCA Membership

Speaker: Rich Boren, Cruise RO, VP SSCA

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 8:00pm EDT

Registration fee: free

The Seven Seas Cruising Association is the oldest and largest worldwide organization supporting the liveaboard cruising lifestyle. Founded in 1952 by six liveaboard couples in California and now with members worldwide, today’s SSCA remains true to the traditions of its original members—sharing cruising information, fostering camaraderie, and leaving a clean wake. But what are all the benefits of your SSCA membership? Rich Boren will introduce many oof the key benefits of SSCA membership including cruising information, member discounts, the Bulletin newsletter, Seven Seas U and the GAMs. Rich will tell you what is available and how to find it on the SSCA website. Whether you are new to the SSCA or just unsure of everything that is available, it pays to attend this free webinar.

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WXR101: Introduction to Marine Weather

Speaker: Chris Parker, Marine Weather Center

Thursday, July 18, 2019 8:00pm EDT

Registration fee: $20 members, $25 non-members

WXR101: Introduction to Marine Weather is the second in a three-part webinar series on basic marine weather concepts featuring Chris Parker. Said Chris, "Every time I present this course, I'm amazed by how many people tell me that, for the first time, they now really understandsomething about Marine Weather." The three main points of this weather module are: 1. The energy transfer cycle at the local, regional and global levels (the reason that weather exists); 2. Pressure gradients produced by the energy transfer cycles (the reason that wind exists); and 3. How local effects can alter the forecasted weather. The series continues next month with WXR102: Upper-Level Weather. After taking this course you’ll be able to describe the energy transfer cycle at the sea breeze, regional and global levels, how the pressure gradient between low and high pressure regions create wind, read the key features on a surface forecast weatherfax chart, and describe how land masses, clouds and other local effects can alter the strength and direction of the wind forecast. If you’re planning your first offshore passage or simply have felt that you were not able to understand weather information in the past, plan now to attend this introductory webinar, by Chris Parker.

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SYS106: Optimizing Solar and Wind Energy

Speaker: Bob Williams, S.A.L.T.

July 30, 2019 8:00pm EDT

Registration fee: $20 members, $25 non-members

Solar and wind energy generation have benefited significantly both in efficiency and cost because of the wide spread application of these renewable energy technologies worldwide, especially for land based applications. Wind and solar energy are typically complementary because solar panels provide power on clear sunny days and wind generators provide power on overcast windy days. Bob discusses the balance between cost-per-watt and output efficiency of the mono crystal, multi-crystal and thin film solar panel technologies. He covers the differences between the older PWM regulators and the more advanced MPPT regulators for maximizing the battery charge from your solar panels. Mounting solar panels is also a balance between the limited space on smaller sailboats and the losses experienced due to shadowing from spars and rigging. Finally bob discusses the current wind generators and cautions against believing all the manufacturer output claims that assume optimistic voltage and wind ratings. He concludes with the safe mounting of wind generators.

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Recorded Webinars

Every webinar is recorded are available to free to those that register for the live webinar for 120 days. After that period, the recorded webinar is available to all SSCA members and non-members at a fee. Recorded Webinars Catalog

FREE Recorded Webinars

Several webinar recordings are free to SSCA members and non-members.

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