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Seven Seas U Free Recordings

These webinar recordings are free to SSCA members and non-members, you just have to register by clicking the Register button.


DES113R: Cruising the Windward Islands (FREE)

Recorded Tuesday, August 15, 2018

Bob Osborn cruised the Windward Islands with his wife Brenda during the 2017 winter season. This webinar is full of practical tips, favorite anchorages and amazing photography. It will definitely feed your dreams of cruising these beautiful islands and provide practical information along the way. The only thing better than actually cruising yourself is talking with someone who did so recently, who can share their experiences, photos, and delights.


CLS111R Event Logo 

CLS111R: Managing the Risks of Offshore Sailing (FREE)

Recorded Tuesday, 2016

Offshore sailors face some risks that may not be obvious to coastal sailors. Charlie Simon helps you identify and understand the risks, plan to avoid or minimize the risks and then prepare for the dangers that are unavoidable. Some risks are the same offshore as they are ashore or even at the dock. However, offshore things will break, you will get tired and you will sometime get a little banged up. Charlie discusses many topics including watch keeping, the importance of maintenance, and dispel a few common misconceptions.



WXR200R: Intro to Marine Weather (FREE)

Recorded Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Want to cruise safer, faster with more comfort? Knowing more about marine weather is the answer. Lee Chesneau discusses why marine weather is an essential skill that all small boat captains must master for the comfort and safety of their crews. Lee Chesneau provides regular 5-day courses to professional mariners using his experience developed in the Navy, NOAA and the private sector in marine weather forecasting and routing. Lee has adapted his course for the cruiser and for the webinar format and offers the complete curriculum on Seven Seas U.


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