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These webinar recordings are available to SSCA members and non-members for a fee. Register by finding the webinar you want to watch and click the Register button. To view webinars that are part of a series, first click the More Info button to view the individual webinars.


Lee Chesneau Weather Webinar Recordings

Lee Chesneau is a senior marine meteorologist, lecturer and a U.S. Coast Guard certified instructor for basic and advanced meteorology. He offers the same curriculum to educate and train recreational boaters on becoming self-reliant in their own marine weather knowledge, weather forecasting, strategic vessel routing, & prudent decision making.

Those serious about learning self-reliant marine weather forecasting and routing will appreciate the steady pace of the courses that integrate lectures, interactions, mini quizzes and homework exercises. The exercises gives you opportunities to apply what you have learned, using virtual voyage scenarios, and are focused on building your confidence in creating your own localized weather forecasts and routing plans. 

Becoming self-reliant in marine weather forecasting and routing can be daunting, and not everyone learns at the same pace. Each course builds on the prior content, so participants must take the courses in the recommended order. Reviewing recorded webinars and interacting with Lee will ensure everyone learns at their own pace.

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