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SSCA Launches Fleet Map

SSCA has launched a new fleet locator for members!  This new member benefit is being sponsored by Cruise RO Water so be sure to thank them for their support.  You can find the locator at or under the Membership menu on the website Homepage after logging onto the site.  The locator is based on your boat’s MMSI number and in order for your boat to be displayed on the map, you need to make sure your boat’s MMSI number is saved in your member profile and that you are reporting your position to 

To view or add an MMSI number to your member profile, go to  You will need your username and password to access your profile.  If you don’t know what your credentials are, send an email to and request a password reset.

To update your MMSI number:

  1. Go to the Personal Info section of your member profile once you are logged onto the site.
  2. Select Additional Member Data
  3. Scroll down to the MMSI field
  4. Enter your MMSI number
  5. While you’re on the page, take time to update other pertinent fields.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save once you are done. If you are reporting your location to, your boat will be displayed on the map the next time Home Base imports MMSI numbers into the fleet locator software.

If your boat doesn’t have an MMSI number, you can use the links below to learn how to apply for a number.

Getting a US MMSI Number

Getting an International MMSI Number

Each nation regulates MMSI numbers differently. If you live outside the United States, you can find out what your nation’s communications regulatory agency is by going to Once you know the agency, you can check your MMSI registration requirements, and apply with your regulatory agency or, if allowed, with an authorized boating organization.

General MMSI Information

Reporting to
The second step to being shown on the SSCA Fleet Map is ensuring you are reporting your position to  There are at least five ways to enable position reporting for your vessel.  If you boat has an AIS Transponder, your position is likely already being picked up automatically.  Below are links to more information on each option.

AIS Transponder

OnCourse (ex mAIS): iPhone and Android self-reporting app

Email position reports

Satellite or 3G/GSM locator devices

AIS transponder/receiver on board, connected to the Internet


Fleet Map

Fleet Map Sponsored by Cruise RO Water

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