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Harry and Melinda Schell Volunteer of the Year Award

Formerly the "Member of the Year Award"

The Board may from time to time at its sole discretion acknowledge individual members whose contributions to the SSCA, to our traditions, and to the commitment of leaving a Clean Wake deserve particular recognition.

Award Nomination Form

2019 Winners

Joan and Greg Conover, Growltiger

Joan and Greg were recognized for their unceasing volunteer efforts including, but not limited to, coordination of the mini-gam at Hampton, the Annapolis Boat Show booth and the SSCA Cruising Station Host program.

Joan and Greg Conover

Cecilia Dahl and George Cronin, Ring of Kerry

Cecilia and George were recognized for undertaking and managing the 2019 Penobscot Bay Gam and for volunteering to spearhead the partnership development committee and identifying commercial partners this year.

Cecilia Dahl and George Cronin

Eddie and Glenn Tuttle, Tothill

Eddie and Glenn were recognized for their provision of safety services thru KPK and for their organization of additional mini-gam activities, particularly in Marathon, FL this year.
Glenn and Eddie Tuttle

Beth VandeGeijn, Wayward Wind

Beth was recognized for her leadership of this year's Annapolis Gam and for years of contribution to this gam, making it one of the Association's most successful events.

Beth VandeGeijn

Past Recipients of the Member of the Year Award

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