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TransOcean Awards

A TransOcean award shall be given to SSCA members who have crossed an ocean in their own vessel. Membership in SSCA is required prior to the completion of the voyage. The award is self-nominated and issued as a certificate suitable for framing. An ocean crossing is defined as one that includes no less than a 1,500 nautical mile leg between landfalls and spans from one continent to another.

Award Nomination Form

2017 TransOcean Award Recipients


Sharky and Victor Brakauskas Sunshine Dream Atlantic May 22, 2008-June 5, 2008
Darold, Jennifer and Dante Massaro


Atlantic Sep 21-Oct 10, 2014
Oct 31-Dec 7, 2015 (Darold only)
Earl Libby and Joan Etzweiler Wanderer Atlantic Feb 15-Mar 7, 2017
Terry Hogan Common Sense Atlantic Jan 27-Feb 23, 2017
Helen and Stefano Piviali Novae

Atlantic and


Dec 5-24, 2012

Mar 11-Apr 1, 2014

Roger and Vicki Mortimer El Vagabond



June 26-Aug 17, 2016
Feb 25-May 1, 2015
Mar 19-Nov 24, 2012
Oct 4-Dec 11, 2014
Roger Jones Reboot
Pacific Feb 14, 2016-July 10, 2017

TransOcean Winners 2002-2008

TransOcean Winners 2009-2016

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