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Lee Chesneau' Weather Webinar Recordings

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WXR200R: Intro to Marine Weather (FREE)

Recorded Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Registration fee: free

Want to cruise safer, faster with more comfort? Knowing more about marine weather is the answer. Lee Chesneau discusses why marine weather is an essential skill that all small boat captains must master for the comfort and safety of their crews. Lee Chesneau provides regular 5-day courses to professional mariners using his experience developed in the Navy, NOAA and the private sector in marine weather forecasting and routing. Lee has adapted his course for the cruiser and for the webinar format and offers the complete curriculum on Seven Seas U.

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WXR201R: Marine Weather Foundations

Recorded November 28, 2017

Registration fee: $25

Do you feel that understanding the weather is too difficult for you? It is probably because you do not have a good foundation in the reason that our weather occurs and of some of the basic concepts that are important to understand weather dynamics. This module looks at the suns radiation, the seasons and your latitude as the sources of temperature differences on the earth, and how the earth terrestrial radiation and not solar radiation heats our atmosphere. The all important role of moisture in the atmosphere is discuss along with the adiabatic process (how rising air produces clouds and moves energy aloft). These two concepts are critical to all weather from a global through local scale.

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