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Volunteering Opportunities

The Opportunity Listings page allows you to view the volunteering opportunities that are currently available. You can filter the opportunities that you see by specifying one or more search values and clicking the "Search" button. The system will display matching opportunities. If no search value is specified, all current opportunities will be displayed.  If there are more than 10 matching items, use the Paging controls to see additional pages.
Note: 'Spots Left' may include volunteers that are needed for some slots that are not visible to non-members. Login to see the full list of slots available.
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Upcoming Opportunities
Starts:  October 9, 2019    Finishes: October 14, 2019

US Sailboat Show (Tent M, Booth 3)
Fly the SSCA burgee by volunteering to recruit new members at the fall boat show. It's the perfect time to share your SSCA story so consider being a booth volunteer for a few hours during the show. You'll receive a free one-day pass to the show.
Curtis Stokes
St. Brendan's Isle Old Site Ad Small
500 Oakbrook Lane
Summerville, SC 29485
Phone: (754) 702-5068