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US Marinas & State Laws Change to Adapt to COVID-19 Threats

In these hard times of virus threats, some cruisers in US waters need assistance on moving their vessels and deciphering government restrictions.  Information updates on US marina resources & government rules are provided courtesy of a consortium composed of Waterway Guide, America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association (AGLCA), Dockwa, and Snag-a-slip.  Use the links below to view the latest updates.

Marina Service Reports

Government Notices

Suggestions for Caribbean Cruisers Seeking Entrance in the Chesapeake Bay

It is strongly recommended that Caribbean cruisers seeking to enter the Chesapeake Bay make their initial port of call in the Hampton Roads area.  There are multiple marinas and protected anchorages available so download the list.  These recommendations are limited to those that enable readily accessible food and fuel resupply.  It is also strongly recommended that you make contact with a marina either by phone or email prior to arrival to ensure that space is still available and the entry rules have not changed.  Once you’ve had a chance to catch your breath and resupply in Hampton Roads, there will be tons of information on options for proceeding north, either up the Bay or off-shore.

Ports Worldwide Changing Customs Regulations

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), ports worldwide are re-evaluating their regulations for vessels entering and exiting their ports so be sure you stay up-to-date for your cruising plans as regulations are changing daily and some ports are even closing temporarily.  For the latest port of entry information, visit Noonsite.  The Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS) and Yacht Aid Global (YAG) are also tracking status reports. For those updates, visit

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SSCA to Launch Circumnavigators Summit

SSCA is proud to announce the launch of the Seven Seas Cruising Association's Circumnavigators Summit! In keeping with the pure tradition of sharing information, SSCA is taking the concept to the next level beyond the written word in 2020 with an interview series. This series will be posted on the newly created Seven Seas Cruising Association YouTube Channel. A new interview will be posted each month starting April 11th.
The Circumnavigators Summit is an interview series which showcases members who have completed "round the world" voyages. They share with us their stories, wisdom, and advice. The series attempts to share the experiences of a variety of types of people and boats, and encourage fellow members "to just do it!"

Topics covered include: the voyage – how long, where to where, highlights, bad weather avoidance, communications on the journey, piracy and security issues and strategies, and many tips and insights for fellow SSCA members.

We launch the series with an interview with Anne Lloyd, a former Board Member of SSCA, who circumnavigated with her husband Jonathan Lloyd aboard their sailboat, s/v Sofia. She shares an amusing story of attending an SSCA board meeting in a vegetable market, talks about getting hit by lightning near the Azores on the home stretch to England, and gives us insights about having funds set aside for the inevitable "repairing of our boats in exotic locations". Anne and Jonathan shared with us over 300 photos and short video clips to enliven the interview. We thank them for contributing their time to making SSCA's Circumnavigators Summit a success!

Watch the short intro on our new YouTube channel and subscribe to the channel. We've already received overwhelming response and questions about this new venture so be sure to check out the  FAQs about the new YouTube Channel.

Circumav Summit

Port Elizabeth Anchorage, Bequia
Merrill Mant, s/v Ambition

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